Amanda René Photography
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Be the fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
— Twyla Jones

             The beauty about a polaroid photo is the raw information it is able to record on instant film. The film cannot be edited in Photoshop without losing the rich quality of the image. I currently use a Polaroid 100 Land Camera. I inherited this camera from my grandfather and use on every portrait shoot. The beauty about this camera is its simple settings. There are 3 main settings, lighten-darken, bright sun or shade/cloudy and film speed. I am limited to what I can do with the camera but I like that it challenges me to think about what and why I am photographing that subject. I have learned so much from this camera from knowing what lighting is most flattering for my subject and what lighting will reflect cool tones or warm tones. Every photograph I take cost about $3.50. Sometimes the film has a natural light leak and sometimes the film gets jammed in the camera in which I get quite irritated until I see the 'flaw' it created. I've come to realize that they aren't really flaws, just another touch that adds to the rawness of the image. I love connecting with my subject on such level that it pushes me to focus on my connection with them. That connections is one of the few things in photography that sets my should on fire.